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Behind the Eclipse for ‘Kindred’

And the weekly Q&A over at CBR is yet again filled with answers, the dodging of questions and some hint. Click!


Beaming Beeman for ‘Kindred’

A lot of stuff happened in episode three, and of course Greg Beeman is here to tell you about the production.

Interviews with Sylar, Micah and Jeph Loeb

The TV Addict attended the World Tour and did interviews with the Heroes cast and crew. Click through to read the conversation with Zachary Quinto, Noah Gray-Cabey and Jeph Loeb.

Beaming Beeman for ‘Lizards’

And the other weekly enterprise has been published as well – on Greg Beeman’s blog. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, he’s director and producer for Heroes and wrote a weekly column last season. He’s doing that again this season, and this is this weeks episode. Weekly interesting stuff about a bit of what happens in the production of a serial series.