Beaming Beeman for ‘Lizards’

And the other weekly enterprise has been published as well – on Greg Beeman’s blog. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, he’s director and producer for Heroes and wrote a weekly column last season. He’s doing that again this season, and this is this weeks episode. Weekly interesting stuff about a bit of what happens in the production of a serial series.


Behind the Eclipse

Just like last year, the guys from Comic Book Resources are doing weekly interviews with Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, writers and producers for Heroes. Their weekly Behind the Eclipse series contains a lot of questions and always some answers. Head over to CBR to read this season’s first episode.

More theories

After seeing the first episode of this season’s Heroes, everybody starts speculating. And some of them write their speculations down. Like Bobby Sketch. Or the members of the 9th Wonders forums. Check those links out if you’re interested in all kinds of possible outcomes.

Nine images from ‘Lizards’

After the five scenes from yesterday, SciFiUnited has posted nine images from the upcoming episode ‘Lizards‘. It’s not much, just something to keep you warm until Monday.

Scenes from ‘Lizards’

Whether this is promotional material or something someone leaked onto Youtube only matters if the latter means that the video will be taken off its current location between now and next Monday. So, before it’s too late: take a quick peek at some scenes from the second episode of Volume 2.

Did West kill Kaito?

Of course, nothing is certain until you’ve actually seen it, and with Heroes, even then it’s not even sure. But the creator of this video suggests that West isn’t just a kid with an ability who attends the same school as Claire. No, he has ties to the ‘older Heroes’, which Volume 2 (Generations) is all about.

Apparently, the flying kid went all the way to New York to throw Kaito Nakamura off Charles Deveaux’ roof. Is it plausible? Maybe. Does it make sense? Not yet. But this speculation makes West more than just one of the new Heroes, and places him in a bigger picture. And that sounds very Heroes.

More Heroes: Origins directors

At Comic-Con, it was revealed that Kevin Smith (Clerks) will work on the first of six Heroes: Origins episodes. IGN adds other names to this: Eli Roth (Hostel), John August (Big Fish, the Nines) and Michael Dougherty, (X2, Superman Returns) although none of these names have been confirmed by NBC.